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Picture prices do not include VAT.

Payment by Cheque is acceptable and works of art will be shipped anywhere in the world.

Gallery pictures can be ordered as commissions.

Works of art will be shipped framed.

Works of art will be shipped after a cheque is cleared.

After placing an order by email the work of art will be reserved for 30 days.

Shipping costs will include Insurance, VAT and postage.

Sizes and prices are given on each picture's individual webpage.

Embroidered Cards:

Embroidered cards are originals.

Gallery cards can be ordered as commissions.

Mounted in Aperture Cards, with Envelope and foil.

Internally cards are blank.

Prices are shown for each card, with the addition of p&p and VAT.

Sizes shown are for the picture, which have about a 2cm white edge all around.

Printed Cards:

Printed Cards will be printed full page or with a 1cm border if required. Please specify.

Printed cards can be supplied with any of the designs on the Gallery page, if requested.


Email Enquiries to

If you are interested in any works of art please contact us by email