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 Small Embroidered Framed

All embroidered pictures are original designs and are 7.5cm by 7.5cm, in a small white frame 12cm by 12cm.

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The copyright on all images is held by Mrs. M. McQuilton

© Mrs M McQuilton
X1 £20 X2 £20  X3 £20 X4 £20 X5 £20 X6 £20
X7 £20 X8 £20 X9 £20 X10 £20 X11 £20 X12 £20
X13 £20 X14 £20 X15 £20 X16 £20 X17 £20 X18 £20
X20 £20  X21 £20         

If you are interested in any of these pictures please contact us by email: Click here for Contact & Information