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The Art of Thread painting, or free-motion machine embroidery, is an art form where the images are transferred onto the fabric, such as Calico. The thread becomes the paint and the Calico the canvas.

There are two stitches used in Threadpainting to create depth, texture, movement and dimension to the work of art and these two stitches are straight and zig-zag.


Mitra uses numerous colours and complex shades, as in nature, to achieve beautiful landscapes of trees, fields and flowers. She embroiders by continually changing the colours of silk and rayon thread to produce her images. Using hand and machine embroidery on water soluble fabric she creates a three-dimensional foreground of petals, leaves and flowers to give depth and originality. The style and vibrant colours give the pictures the same quality as oil paintings.

These beautiful works of art can vary in size from 10cm x 10cm to over 92cm x 60cm and are available unframed or framed professionally.

The copyright on all images is held by © Mrs M McQuilton